Why Is My CBD Not Working? 

Last week, we talked about how you can tell whether or not your CBD is working (and if you missed it, you can give it a read here). This week, we’re talking about  why your CBD products may not be working. This will help you choose the best products to fit your specific needs, as well as help you understand what your optimal dose is.


At The End Of The Day, CBD Isn’t For Everyone


Let’s start with one thing we need to point out: all in all, CBD is not for everyone. It is not a miracle cure, and is not going to magically make your problems disappear. It is also not snake oil or a placebo. That said, it is for many people! CBD has had a profound – and in some cases, life-changing – effect on tons of people who are regular users. We personally believe that just about everyone who consumes CBD benefits in some way. However, there are cases where people take CBD regularly and notice little to no outward change.


But Why? 


So, why is this? It’s important to remember that CBD works to balance the ECS (endocannabinoid system), which, in turn, balances the body. In some cases, the body is already balanced. As a result, in the absence of chronic pain, sleep or anxiety disorders or any general malaise, the effects of CBD may go undetected. CBD can still be beneficial in this case, but it may not have the clearly visible effects that it does for other people.


What Dose Is Right For Me?


Another common issue, particularly among newer users, is dosage. It is important to remember that CBD is very dose-specific. Too much CBD can have the same effect as too little CBD: ineffective. This is mainly due to the sensitivity of the ECS, and the fact that each individual’s ECS is unique. With that, what works for one person may not work for another. Some experimentation may be required to find your optimal dose.


The first factor to consider is body size and weight. The right dose for a 78-year-old gardener is probably smaller than one for a 28-year-old triathlete. Another major factor is the nature and severity of the condition that you want to use the CBD for. We have included this handy dandy dosage calculator to help you find the right dose for you.


Product Quality


Unfortunately, one of the more common reasons a product does not work is its  quality. There are a wide variety of CBD products and brands out there, and not all of them are devoted to delivering high-quality plant medicine. Just over a year ago, our friends at Leafly conducted a study of 47 CBD products (you can check it out here). According to the study, 23% of brands had less than 80% of the CBD content on the label, and 11% had no CBD at all. This is why it’s incredibly important to know what you are purchasing.


Transparency is always better than flashy labels or gimmicky products. The more a brand is willing to share with you about their processes and their end products, the more likely they are to be a trustworthy and reliable brand. And just because a brand is being sold in large chain stores doesn’t  necessarily mean that it’s a quality product. Remember to choose your brands wisely, and join us next week – we’ll dive into some insider tips to finding the right CBD product for you. Until then check out our shop for holiday gift ideas for your family and friends.