What Makes California Craft Stand Out?

Happy Friday! It’s been a while and we hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the summer. Recent times have been exceptionally challenging, and we have been reminded that we are all different – and it is those differences that make us stronger as a whole. As a whole, we are making progress and we look forward to all of the good things to come. Today, we’re talking about what makes California Craft CBD different both as a CBD hemp oil product and as a company.


It’s in the People 

There are many things that make us different. Our CEO is quite literally the Godfather of the Silent Disco. Our formulist and head of extraction is a former gourmet chef who left for a larger calling in science and formulation. Our COO and lead agricultural expert is a former guerilla grower from deep in the hills of the Emerald Triangle. Our head of European operations is a refugee from the pharmaceutical industry, whose own personal ‘Road to Damascus’ moment turned him into an evangelist for all things hemp and cannabis. So, yeah – you could say we are a little different than your average Hemp collective. But what separates our products from the competition? What makes our CBD hemp oil extract unique?


It’s in the Process

The true differentiator could be our excruciatingly exact laboratory practices and our rigid processes for quality control. Or maybe it’s our ability to choose the right partners for sourcing our biomass. Perhaps it’s our absolute no-compromise attitude toward their growing practices, the quality of their soil, the lack of pesticides and the ability to ensure that the biomass will produce clean, high-quality extract high in CBD, low in THC and replete with many minor cannabinoids such as CBA, CBN and CBG.


Another difference that makes us stand out? Our extraction process. Unlike 90%+ of the industry, we use closed loop ethanol extraction as opposed to super-critical CO2 extraction that has become an industry standard. We feel that ethanol extraction creates a higher potency distillate and is ideal for increased bio-availability.

If we had to choose the most important things that separate us from the competition, it would be the quality of plants that we source from our farming partners in California, our practices in the lab, and our strict demand for quality in all of the steps in our processes – from biomass selection to oil extraction to end product formulation.

It’s from the Heart 

But there is one final element that makes us unique, and that is our deep connection to the plant that we are working with. All of us on one level or another have experienced the healing power of cannabis and have seen the positive impact that it can have on our lives and our environment. As a result, we all share a profound desire to see cannabis take its rightful place as a cornerstone of sustainable development. For us, it’s not about money. California Craft  is about learning how to reintegrate with nature and use the tools that nature has provided us in order to create a healthier, happier and more sustainable future for our children and our grandchildren and the generations beyond.