Welcome To The New Era

Happy Friday!! So here we are at the end of another week. We have officially passed the one-year mark for our shared Covid experience/nightmare. It’s been snowing and freezing in places where it shouldn’t be snowing, ever. And 2021 is currently in “hold my beer” mode as it competes with 2020 for the top position in the suckiest year ever challenge. But we will persevere. And do you know why? Because inside of every single one of us there is a badass that comes out in the most trying of times ready to rumble.



Stop the Insanity

There has been a lot of craziness since January of last year, arguably since 2016, but that’s another story altogether. So many things have happened and changed that it’s hard to keep track. But what in heck is really going on here? Why is all of this happening and why is it happening now?


Well, honestly? This is one of those moments in human history where we collectively as a species have reached the threshold of great change. Other times of great change include such events as the move from a nomadic/foraging hunter gather type of existence to a settled agricultural existence. Or the change from an agrarian era to an industrial age. We are now leaving the industrial age and entering into the digital age.



Disruptive Development

With each major change came disruption. Each change brings upheaval as the old order is replaced by the new one Mainly because the old order is not happy about being replaced. And the new order is still so new that no one really knows what is going on or where it’s all going. Sound familiar?


The life that we led based on industrialization, mass production and consumerism is pretty much over. The planet is letting us know that if we want to survive as a species, we need to make some pretty drastic changes to the way we are living life, and fast. Not just little steps either, we need to take the strong bold steps that will require people to re-imagine the way they live.



Renewable and Alternative

We are already seeing this in many areas of our lives. Countries such as Iceland, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Norway, Austria, Brazil, and Denmark are operating at between 70-100% usage of renewable energy. Energy generated primarily from solar, wind and geothermal sources.


We can also that alternative medicines and therapies are truly entering the main-stream consciousness. Yoga is a daily fixture for many people. Herbal and plant medicines and therapies are widely recognized alternatives to pharmaceutical treatments. Hemp derived CBD rich products are being used by more people globally during the pandemic for stress and pain relief.


Medicinal marijuana is increasingly being embraced at the global level. Psylocibin and other psychedelics are increasingly being recognized as having long lasting therapeutic benefits in treating depression and post-traumatic stress disorders.



Understanding Why

The short of it is that these times are challenging, and many are struggling to make sense of of it all. But there is a rhyme and reason. The reality is that we are moving into of a new era of human development. A much more mindful and cooperative era that will allow us to grow and thrive as a species.


There is no real way back to what we used to consider normal but there is a way forward to a better and brighter future. So, keep the faith, take care of each other and don’t be afraid to let your inner-badass to let 2021 what’s up.