Welcome to the Future

Greetings to everyone and welcome to the future.

We are, as a species, embracing the next evolution of our on-going relationship with Hemp (Cannabis Sativa L.).  As the manifest benefits and potential of this plant once again capture the public consciousness at a global level, people are reawakening to the healing potential of this plant not only in terms of human health but in terms of the health of the planet in general.  Industrial Hemp’s ecological functions are vast and potentially world changing.  To name a few, hemp has the ability to be a major tool for carbon sequestration or carbon drawdown efforts.  It provides a solid pillar for the revivification and continued sustainability of bees and bee populations.  It also has the ability to rehabilitate degraded soils (from conventional high chemical, pesticide, herbicide and petroleum based fertilizer agriculture).  So the future could be; rehabilitate the land all while making medicine (Lightbulb)!   That’s letting two birds live, and dropping the stone. Now that’s a paradigm shift. 


We have also been given a unique opportunity to take a much-needed pause from the breakneck pace of our everyday lives. It is a chance for us to stop and reflect upon how we want to continue forward for the future both as individuals and as a species.. We have been offered a unique window into how a carbon-free world might look like with the skylines of cities like Los Angeles and Hong Kong. The oceans are showing their continued resilience, animals are returning to the areas previously dominated by humankind and we are able to see a greater balance between our existence and that of the world around us. Is the world breathing again? And not choking?


This is why we at California Craft CBD are so happy to be able to present our small contribution in helping to create and sustain that balance both at the personal level and at the global level.  Through our specialized and handcrafted CBD product line we are able to offer bio-ethically sourced, high quality, non-GMO, chemical free, California made full spectrum CBD tinctures specifically designed to meet the wellness needs of each user.  


CBD or cannabidiol is the extract from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant ,more commonly known as hemp. Hemp is a federally legal plant under the 2018 Farm Bill in the US. The cannabinoid extract, cannabidiol (can-na-bee-dee-eeol) or CBD, is legal for use in the US as a supplement. The CBD interacts with something known as the Endocannabinoid system or ECS. The ECS exists in the body of every mammal and though it was only discovered as recently as 1992, it has been existed in mammals for close to 50 million years. 


The ECS is essentially responsible for the regulation of the body’s core processes, ensuring that a proper balance is maintained within the body’s regulatory system. This balance is known as homeostasis. The ECS has receptors that receive endocannabinoids, one of which is created by the body naturally and others such as phytocannabinoids which are cannabinoids found in plants. The CBD naturally gravitates to the ECS receptors and that is when wonderful things begin to happen. 


By using full-spectrum CBD tinctures and topicals you are essentially calling to action all of your systems to increase their power and vitality.  In fact, they work symbiotically together for optimal homeostatic function, which ultimately leads to healthier people.  As the link between health and happiness has been proven time and time again, healthier people do indeed, equal happier people. And who doesn’t want that?


Did you know that recent clinical studies from major research institutions have early clinical evidence that has shown CBD’s efficacy in the fight against neuro-degenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s, Dementia, and Alzheimer’s?! Other areas of research that have had super positive results include anxiety-related disorders, pain management, treatment of acute and chronic inflammation, epilepsy and much more. 


Alternatively, it is also being revealed that studies using THC-free and/or CBD isolates may not accurately reflect the potential healing power and health benefits that are offered with a FULL-SPECTRUM extract. In fact, recent studies are showing that the method of extraction itself can determine the efficacy of the product. This is why we are dedicated to the closed-loop ethanol extraction method that ensures the full spectrum cannabinoid rich profile is contained within every product that we create for you.  


We invite you to join us on our journey to reclaiming personal sovereignty over our health and well-being and the empowerment of ourselves to choose the way forward to truly living our best lives as individuals and as a global community. Welcome to California Craft CBD. The future begins now.