The Sleep Conundrum – And How CBD Can Help

Sleep: it’s the unsung hero of all of our lives. A good night’s sleep can make your day or week. A not-so-good  night’s sleep can lead to a rough day riddled with bad choices. When it comes down to it, sleeping well is a vital part of maintaining your wellness, happiness, and overall sanity.

It is said that the average human spends up to 1/3 of their lives sleeping. And since how we spend that other 2/3rds of our lives largely depends on the quality of that sleep, how well you sleep – and how long – is enormously important.


Sleeping Disorders

It is estimated that approximately 25% of Americans are affected by sleeping disorders in one form or another. Some common sleeping disorders include insomnia, restless leg syndrome, sleep apnea and narcolepsy. In the category of insomnia, there are quite a few subcategories as well. There is short-term and chronic insomnia, sleep onset insomnia (trouble falling asleep) and sleep maintenance insomnia (trouble staying asleep)  – just to name a few.


What Causes Sleep Disorders? 

Anyone who has suffered from  insomnia can tell you that it is no fun at all. Most of us have suffered from short-term insomnia usually brought on by stress, depression or anxiety. This is especially true during difficult or emotionally challenging periods in our lives (I am looking at you, 2020).

Long-term or chronic sleep disorders, however, are often caused by an imbalance in our bodies – specifically in our homeostatic system. This system is the mechanism by which the body controls its core functions such as breathing, heart rate, and sleep patterns.


How Can CBD Help? 

When the homeostatic system is in balance, it is known as homeostasis. This means that all of the core functions of the body are functioning as they should. CBD is very effective in helping to maintain the balance in your homeostatic via its interaction with the endocannabinoid system (also known as the ECS).

By binding itself to receptors in the body, CBD can be used to treat imbalances in the homeostatic system. CBD can be used to treat both anxiety and insomnia.  Given that the two are often interrelated, CBD is a powerful tool for treating insomnia.

CBD works on insomnia by helping the sufferer fall asleep initially, then ensure they stay asleep through the night.


Our New Sleep Tincture

While CBD is very effective on its own,  combining CBD with medicinal plants traditionally used to treat sleeplessness and anxiety has the best effect. When it came to creating  California Craft CBD’s new Sleep Tincture, we  fused our high-quality, high-potency, high-grade, lab-tested CBD flower extract with organic Valerian root, Organic Ashwaghanda, and Chamomile. This recipe creates a healthy, time-honored alternative to pharmaceutical sleep aids and medications.


Treat Yourself To Better Sleep 

A good night’s sleep is mission critical to staying focused and on-point in our day-to-day lives. This has never been truer than right now. Maybe you are in the 10% of the adult population that suffers from chronic insomnia, or the 50-60% who suffer from temporary insomnia – or maybe you are just looking to get a decent night’s sleep for a change. Whatever your reason may be, check out our new Sleep Tincture and catch up on that much-needed sleep. We are all going to need it for the coming holiday season, and the closing out of this phenomenally weird year.