The Miracle of CBDA (and Christmas)

Happy Holidays everybody!! So here we are, the week before Christmas. Eight days and counting.

I know we were all super excited for a semi-normal Christmas this year. But then along came the uninvited holiday guest, Omicron. Omicron is a totally unwelcome although not unexpected presence this holiday season.

It is inconvenient and some of you will be altering your holiday plans in the interest of safety and erring on the side of caution. But we encourage everyone to embrace the magic of the season no matter where you are or how you will be spending it. This too shall pass. What is important is that we allow the graciousness, hope and light of the season to fill your hearts and your lives with love, light and joy.

Back to the Minors

Last week we were discussing the benefits of the minor cannabinoids that can be found in the hemp plant. In addition to CBD and THC there are multiple cannabinoids, over 130 to be exact. Among them are CBG, CBC and CBN. But the one we want to talk about today is CBDA.

What is It?

CBDA is the forerunner of CBD. It is known as the precursor to CBD. It is the essentially CBD but with an acidic element added. The acidic element disappears when heat is applied to molecule. This is known as decarboxylation. The heart required for the decarboxylation is not very high. Its basically room temperature.

This combined with the fact that CBDA appears in the plant in very small quantities means that it is pretty rare and had a very limited product range due to the its sensitivity to heat. As a result it is a relatively unknown cannbinoid that with a limited amount of clinical research. The research that has been done however, both clinically and on the open market shows that CBDA could prove to be nothing short of miraculous.

The Miracle of CBDA

Now we here at Cali Craft are not really comfortable using terms like miraculous, or miracle cure, or any cure really when it comes to CBD and other related products. There are more than a few reasons for this. For one, the FDA frowns on that type of talk and issues red letters to the offending parties.

The main reason though is that it just doesn’t really sit well with us. We know the research results, we have seen the evidence with our own eyes through are personal journeys with CBD. We also know that CBD does not work the same for everyone. It would be irresponsible to make unproven claims and present CBD as some kind of miracle cure-all.

Having said that, its definitely starting to look like CBDA may come pretty close to being a truly miraculous cannabinoid.

But What Can it Do?

This is the question we asked ourselves. Early on in our adventure into the world of CBD we heard about CBDA from some of our contacts. One manufacturer in particle told us that women were having a great deal of success with CBDA. CBDA was successfully treating inflammation and anxiety, nothing new there. The real surprise was the positive effect it was having on dominant feminine health issues such as menstruation and menopause.

As we took a closer look we began to see an increasing body of evidence of the benefits of CBDA. In clinical studies it has been shown to work as a pain management tool, particularly in regard to thermal pain and pain caused by inflammation. It has been shown to be helpful in reducing nausea. Clinical studies have also shown that CBDA is able to inhibit the spread of breast cancer cells. For women this is clearly a potentially game changing cannabinoid.

The Future of CBDA

We were so deeply impressed with the results of our research that we decided to give CBDA a try. A limited trial run with some of our favorite women, both young and old made us realize there is really something to all of the studies. Every person that we gave CBDA to definitely felt the impact particularly in regard to the discomforts of the menstrual cycle and menopause.

This fact combined with the growing body of research in regard to CBDA in clinical and scientific studies have inspired us to go all in on CBDA as one of our flagship products for 2022. We feel it is directly reflective of our desire and need to help others find their own way to a happier and healthier life. This is what we live for.

If this sounds good to you, let us know. And look for our CBDA product updates and offers in the New Year. Until then feel free to pop by the shop and pick up any last minute gifts and stocking stuffers for you friends and loved ones.

See you next week for our final blog of the year, and lets all be safe out there.