The Formula For Quality

Its Fridayyyy!! Let’s go!! Today’s blog is about quality. When it comes to CBD products and how well they work with your body, it’s all about the quality. Quality is not simply a word that we use to describe something like ‘oh that’s really high quality, or that is some off-brand low-quality bulls**t. Quality is a process that is mapped out in a series of documents that are known as the Quality Manual

All major companies have a Quality Department. The Quality Department is there to ensure that any given product does not fall below a certain standard of quality. This is not some random personal feeling of what counts as quality.

When your company gets inspected, and it will, the first documents they tend to request are all of the documents relating to the Quality Assurance Department or the Quality Manual. And woe betide any company that does not have their documentation in place.

What Is It All For?

Ensuring the quality of a product is important. Quality control is one of these mission critical elements that ensures the consistency of a product. It means that there are processes in place to ensure that the product created is always the same, every single time. This also means that the consumer experience with the product is consistent every single time.

For a product like CBD this is extremely important because the main value of CBD is therapeutic. People who use a CBD product want to know that they can rely on the product to produce the same therapeutic results every time they use it. We refer to this as the consistency of experience.

We can think about this in terms of aspirin. When we buy aspirin, we expect it to treat our headache. We expect this result every time. And we get it every time. Why? Quality control ensures the consistency of experience.

All CBD Products Are The Same, Almost

Quality is all about consistency, and if the majority of CBD products are the same, that’s good. Right? Yes and no. It’s good because it ensures that the CBD products are created in a safe, controlled and clean environment. A controlled and clean environment is important. So, this is a good thing, you would not want to take aspirin that was made in some guys garage, so why should CBD be any different.

The problem is in the question: why are the majority of CBD products the same? The answer to that question is one of the CBD industries dirty little secrets.

Dirty Little Secrets, White Label Lies

We recently discovered here in Euroville that 80-90% of the products in our region are literally exactly the same. There is one company in the region that is providing white label solutions for almost all of the CBD brands here. What is a white label solution? I am glad you asked.

White labelling is when a large company creates a product and then allows a smaller company to put its own logo on the product as if the product were its own. It saves the smaller company the investment in manufacturing facilities and allows them to enter the market at an exceptionally low price. Cool, right? Wrong.

The problem with white labelling is that your product is going to be the same as every other product that white labels with the same company. You have zero control over the product formulation and the only real difference will be your logo. There is also no way of knowing the true quality of the ingredients, or the extract itself. And that is where the real problem begins, because people lie and tell you there are ingredients in the product that are not actually there.

What’s In A Formulation

White labelling is a fast and cheap way to enter the market, but long-term survival requires serious attention to detail and quality of ingredients. This is how we discovered that people who cook food at the gourmet level have the best understanding of what it means to use quality ingredients. They tend to be obsessive in this regard and the results are almost always phenomenal.

Quality, at the end of the day, is about attention to detail and the desire for a certain level of perfection, every time. Anyone who enjoys great food or has worked in a kitchen, knows that great chefs are perfect for this kind of work. Which is exactly why we have great chefs on our team of advisors for formulation. This is why our tinctures are unique in their flavoring and formulation. It is also why our new water soluble 20mg CBD gummies are legitimately out of this world. They have an amazing taste with an off the charts level of efficacy.

The Takeaway

The CBD market is saturated with brands and many of those brands do not create their own products. They use other people’s products and put their own label on it. This is not actually creating something unique for the benefit of the consumer. It is an exercise in branding and marketing and sadly, more often than not, it is all about the money and nothing more.

The path that we have chosen at California Craft is the path of creating unique high-quality products that our customers, clients and partners can rely on every single time. We want our products to be the best that we can offer, we want the product experience to be consistent every time. And we have the team dedicated to making that happen. You can check out our products for yourself at the shop and don’t forget to grab some of our amazing gummies to get your summer season off to a great start.