Tales From Europe: Freedom, or Something Like It

Greetings and Happy Friday!! And what a Friday it is. I know there is snow in the mountains but the weather in most of the country (sorry North Dakota and Michigan, not you guys) is fair enough for any other outdoor activities that might strike your fancy. Mountain biking, hiking, climbing and of course one of our all time favorites, surfing.

No matter what your activity of choice is get out there and do it. Health is wealth.

Now traditionally here at California Craft we steer clear of politics and divisive rhetoric. This is mainly because we feel that everyone has a right to their opinion and it is not up to us to try and change their minds.

The reality is that what we are interested in is perfecting our craft to bring you high quality CBD products for your health and well being.

We are also not interested in casting judgement on people for their beliefs. We follow the simplest of all philosophies, live and let live combined with a healthy respect for the Golden Rule.

Today, however, is different.

Tales From Europe

I live in Europe, technically the EU. Also technically in central Europe. I am based in the Golden City of Prague. Its fantastic here and if you have never been, I highly recommend it.

Prague is the capitol city of the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic unfortunately was a part of the Soviet block back in 20th century. They suffered quite a bit under the yoke of Communism but it was still considered a softer version when compared to places like Yugoslavia, Romania and Ukraine.

The Czechs were under the boot heel of Communism from the end of WWII until 1991 when the Communist government was overthrown. I arrived 6 short years later.

Lingering Memories

The Communism was still thick in the air when I arrived. The people I had the great pleasure of meeting that first Summer all had tales of the insanity and regression that defined Communist rule. The memories of “the bad old days” linger even now, 30 years later.

Some people look back at that time with neutral feelings. Usually the people who were members of the Communist Party. Some of the elders get wistful when they think about ‘a simpler time.

The reality here is that though he people here might not agree on many things (except maybe beer), the one thing they can almost all agree on is totalitarianism is a terrible form of government. And NOBODY wants to go back down that road again. Nobody.

And Your Point Is…

Right, so what is the point of all of this? Well I am sure we are all aware of what is going in Ukraine right about now. I am not going to get into the details of the situation or offer my personal opinion on the matter. That is not what is important. What is important is to understand that what is happening there is a direct breach of international law and the laws of humanity.

Ukraine has only one desire, to live in peace and security. The other side of the conflict, the aggressors, only want one thing, to drag the world back into the past to relive the supposed glory of the bad old days.

For all of the former countries from the Soviet block, the Czech Republic included, this all has an all too familiar and ominous ring to it. For the rest of Europe the specter of world war is raising its ugly head. Again, the pattern is all too familiar. Its a tense time for all of us, to be sure.

Moving Beyond the Past

The one thing that we all know, or most of know, is that this kind of blatant belligerence and aggression has no place in our world. The idea that this is somehow a legitimate way for us to be dealing with problems is childish and ridiculous in the extreme.

The only way we can truly advance as a species is to move together in a mature and adult fashion. Do we have to agree with each other all the time? No. That would pretty lame and kind of creepy if that were to happen. All we have to do is agree that war and systematic violence, aggression and oppression are no longer acceptable ways of dealing with our problems.

So thats all for this week, next week its back to our educational series. Much love to all of you and your families and I wish you all a most excellent weekend.