Taking a Break


We have all been going like gang busters since the beginning of the year to get our new USDA certified organic product line ready, prepping the new labels and a new look for the website. And getting the recipe just right on our new line of gummies for the fast approaching festival season.

We have also been working on our Ambassador Program where we have a whole crew of awesome sports people from all walks of life representing the brand on social media. As well as working to develop our Affiliate Program that will give our users the chance share our products with their family and friends and make a little extra cash on the side. We will have more info for you on that when it is ready.

On the international front we have been working hard with the officials in customs in Europe to ensure that we have the ability to bring all of that Californian know how and CBD goodness to Europe to share with our European cousins.

In short it has been an exhausting three months and we are all ready for a much needed break. So this weekend is the time. For that reason this weeks blog is going to be super brief.

The April Fool

So today is April Fools Day, its a golden opportunity for the usual trickery and antics but the world has been so full of that kind of weirdness for the last 3 years that we thought we would just leave it be this year.

The tradition is rich and spans thousands of years. Whether it is the Indian celebration of Holi, the Roman celebrations and tributes to Cybele and Attis, or the French tradition of the ‘April Fish’ its is clear that humans enjoy a good prank.

These celebrations all fall on or around the Spring Equinox and are probably a way of letting go of the seriousness and somberness of winter to embrace the joyful and playful nature of Spring. Whatever the case may be, we are just happy that Spring and all of the great things it brings is finally here

Next week we will begin taking a closer look at the rites of Spring and the place that hemp and cannabis have in them. So until then have a great weekend and join us in taking a much needed break and maybe let your inner-fool/child out for a much need laugh.