Legalization: Lighting The Path Forward

We love talking about CBD and cannabis, duh, its our business. But more than that we have long recognized the value of the plant on many levels. We have a deep respect for its 3000+ year history among the human species. More importantly we know that the plant can play a major role in our […]

CBD: What Is It Good For? (Pain)

Last week we talked about the importance of sleep and how CBD can help, you can catch up here if you like. CBD is amazing in helping with sleep problems. Whether its falling asleep, staying asleep or restless sleep, CBD can help. Our Sleep tincture has been our most popular tincture in the last year […]

The Last Frontier

This week we are beginning our series on the hazards of the CBD industry, of which there are surprisingly a lot. We will be talking about the ins outs of the industry and the trials and tribulations we have faced on our journey so far. But today we are going to start with a topic […]

The Goddess and the Rites of Spring

Hi Everyone!! We hope that everyone had a great Easter last weekend. We know we did. So with that rite we have officially embraced Spring. It is important to remember that as the seasons change so do our bodies, the rhythm and cycles become more closely aligned with the increase in the hours of daylight […]