Secrets of Cannabis: Part II (The Entourage Effect)

Its official, the new year has begun. Even the most diehard holiday season lovers have reluctantly let it go. The last of the Christmas trees have made to the curb and everyone is ready to face the year face on and ready to rumble. Will this year be different from the last two years? Yes […]

Cannabinoids You Might Not Know

The last year has been a pretty wild ride, again. Many good things have come out of the last twelve months and more than a few not so good things. we prefer to focus on the positives though. One good thing that has come out of the last year is the increased public awareness of […]

CBG: Mother of all Cannabinoids

Hi everybody!! Another week is behind us and the holiday season approacheth. But we still have a week or two of fun and relaxation ahead of us so let’s enjoy it while we can. Speaking of enjoying things. The CBD industry as we have discussed is full of all kinds, pit-falls, perils and man-traps. So […]