Sleep Is A Superpower: Part II

Last week we talked about sleep and how important it is. We spoke about the fact that a lack of sleep or a poor quality of sleep can lead to health problems and psychological issues. People who suffer from chronic sleep disorders such as insomnia, sleep apnea, narcolepsy are at risk both physically and mentally. […]

The Sleep Conundrum

Happy Friday!! Its been a relatively calm week this week, all things considered, and that’s good news. The world has been a pretty wild and crazy place over the last few years. Stress and anxiety are pretty much constant companions these days and we are very grateful for the existence of cannabinoids. They offer us […]

The Sleep Conundrum – And How CBD Can Help

Sleep: it’s the unsung hero of all of our lives. A good night’s sleep can make your day or week. A not-so-good  night’s sleep can lead to a rough day riddled with bad choices. When it comes down to it, sleeping well is a vital part of maintaining your wellness, happiness, and overall sanity. It […]