New Years Eve: 2021

Its the end  of this crazy, roller-coaster of a year. Finally. This is a year that may very well go down in history as the “hold my beer” year of the the 2020’s. It was an adventure in time distortion as it alternately crawled by at a snails pace and flickered by in the blink […]

Cannabinoids You Might Not Know

The last year has been a pretty wild ride, again. Many good things have come out of the last twelve months and more than a few not so good things. we prefer to focus on the positives though. One good thing that has come out of the last year is the increased public awareness of […]

The Goddess and the Rites of Spring

Hi Everyone!! We hope that everyone had a great Easter last weekend. We know we did. So with that rite we have officially embraced Spring. It is important to remember that as the seasons change so do our bodies, the rhythm and cycles become more closely aligned with the increase in the hours of daylight […]

Cannabis Regulation: In the Beginning…

Hi Everybody!! It’s another week and another blog. This week we are going to return to our series on cannabis regulation and legislation. We began the discussion with a series a few weeks back on California Proposition 65 which you can start reading about here.   The Present More recently we have seen positive developments […]