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Our chef formulated Cherry Lemonade Full Spectrum CBD Gummies are here!  Made with water soluble CBD for 20x faster bioavailability and bodily absorption rates.  All natural ingredients.  No artificial colors or dyes. Made with certified organic ingredients.  All natural fruit juices.

30 Count  x 10mg/gummy totaling 300 mg of fast acting CBD.

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30 Full Spectrum Water Soluble delicious CBD Gummies.

Made with water soluble CBD for 20x faster bioavailability and bodily absorption rates. 

All natural ingredients

No artificial colors or dyes. 

Made with certified organic ingredients. 

All natural fruit juices.

New nano emulsification technology has allowed us to take normal CBD oil and mix it with water. The process is essentially breaking up the CBD oil into more than 100,000 tiny little oil droplets per square centimeter and suspending them into a water based emulsification. With the oil suspended into thousands of droplets per square centimeter,  the body absorbs the oil much more quickly and efficiently thus, allowing the formulation to be 20x faster absorption rates than typical CBD ingestibles. 

Typically in tinctures, edibles or ingestibles the gut destroys around 90% of the oil and allows the body to absorb only 10% of the available cannabinoids in the formulation. So nano emulsification is revolutionizing the CBD ingestibles market with incredibly fast cannabinoid bodily absorption and more efficient dosing as a result. 

Organic tapioca syrup, organic cane sugar, organic agave syrup, organic pineapple juice concentrate, organic cherry extract, apple pectin, citric acid, water soluble CBD, organic lemon juice, green tea extract, organic lemon oil, organic sunflower oil, organic sunflower lecithin, sodium citrate, and fruit and vegetable color.

100% Vegan

Gluten Free


Lab Tested

cGMP compliant

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Weight 6.0 g

Sleep Nectar, Energy, Bliss

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Phillips
10/10 Best CBD Gummies

Finally, gummies that give me everything I’ve been looking for! My job is mentally and physically draining and taking 3 of these relieves tension instantly. They’re perfect for stress and easing my back and shoulder pain from working on my computer for hours on end. I suffer from insomnia as well, but the caffeine isn’t too intense and I sleep like a baby every night now. Also - they’re absolutely delicious. Thank you CA Craft!!

John Bosco
A Must Have

I am a mountaineer and these gummies are just what I need to keep me climbing. I recently just summited Mount Everest and Lhotse. I take the gummies daily and they help with my joint pain and allow me to train hard each day. I will be attempting K2 soon and I plan on taking the gummies with me to Pakistan. I’m so thankful for the products from this company!