Our European Cousins: Part Deux

Hi everybody!! Happy Friday!! Before we jump into the next part of our European blog we want to let you know that things are moving right along for California Craft CBD. We have gone back to the lab and come up with gold. In 2022 we will be rolling out our new CBD tincture and salve product line and we couldn’t be happier. We also want to take a moment to thank all of our loyal customers. You have inspired us to continue striving for excellence and provide you with the best products we can create.

Now, on with the show!!

The State of the Union

In our last blog about Europe we talked about the state of CBD regulations in the European Union. As confusing and convoluted as anywhere in the world. Many countries are still unclear as to how to regulate CBD products and flower. One of the major problems that we have a great deal of personal experience with is customs. You can read about that here.

We have had products seized, been humiliated, gotten rolled by shady partners offering to “help” us. We even got threatened to be prosecuted as drug smugglers. Which considering how benign CBD is was alternately hilarious and terrifying. But in the time between our last Euro blog and now something truly unexpected and wonderful has happened.

Zee Germans

In a stunning shock move the newly elected German government has decalred that they are going to legalize cannabis for recreational use. This is not some speculative effort either. They are not going to pull the old bait and switch like some other countries, who shall remain nameless. In typical German fashion, the agreement to legalize was sealed BEFORE the announcement was made.  It is expected that by June of next year the German recreational cannabis market will be open for business.

Ok, aaaand…

As one of the members of our executive board stated, it sounds great but I don’t understand what that means. Here is what it means. Germany is essentially the de facto leader of the EU when it comes to setting the gold standard for “how things should be done”. In Europe they second only to the Swiss. The Swiss are essentially untouchable in terms of quality and processes. But for the EU its the Germans all the way.

So the fact that the Germans have decided to legalize cannabis for recreational is a huge signal for the rest of Europe. No one wanted to be first to legalize, not even the Dutch, because no one really knew 100% how to make it work. The only state in the US that has really nailed it is Colorado. But that is the US and what works in the US does not really translate into Europe. But now that the Germans have decided to legalize the rest of the EU can watch and learn. Its clear that the market is going to be massive, to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars per year. Everyone wants a piece of the action. Now its up to zee Germans to show everyone how its down.

The American Cousins

The greatest impact of the German decision to legalize may be the fact that if the US wants a piece of the EU market we will have to legalize cannabis at the Federal level. This is the only way that the US states that have legalized cannabis for recreational use will be able to export to the EU market. Some of those states are globally famous for totally awesome cannabis (California, we are looking at you). Therefore in only makes sense that the US would benefit greatly both economically and diplomatically from being able to supply the EU market.

The Endgame

If the US legalizes cannabis at the federal level it will send a massive signal to the rest of the world. Much as Germany leads the way in the EU, the US leads the way in the world. This is not true for everything as we have learned over the last 2o years, but with cannabis it most definitely is true. Back in the dark days of the anti-cannabis movement it was the US that lead the world in demonizing cannabis. It was the US that lead the drive to classify THC as a class I narcotic, the equivalent of cocaine and heroin.

Conventional wisdom says that the US led the world into this situation perhaps they are the ones who can lead the world out. The short of it is that Germany legalizing recreational cannabis may very well cause a ripple effect that finally leads to the end of the global prohibition on cannabis.

CBD tinctures and CBD gummies, water soluble CBD products, nano emulsified CBD products will still be driving the market for non-cannabis users. But now they will be joined by cannabis tinctures and gummies etc. for those who enjoy a bit of kick with there plant therapy.