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Made With Sustainably Grown California Hemp Flower
and Ethically Sourced Plant Based Ingredients

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Although many clinical studies are compiling that are suggesting that Full Spectrum CBD addresses physical and mental ailments, many reports are also anectdotal. Some suggest that CBD may help with:

What´s inside

We use a Full spectrum oil, extracted from sustainably grown, cannabinoid rich hemp.

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Our Oil

Made from hemp that is sustainably grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or heavy metals.

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Our Formulas

Ethically sourced high concentrations of active ingredients.

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Our Products

Reliability and consistent results from bottle to bottle

Your Daily Routine

By taking full spectrum CBD ingestibles or topicals you are essentially calling to action all of your systems to increase their power and vitality and work symbiotically together for ultimate homeostatic function and ultimately leading to healthier people.
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Our testimonial list

Betheny Springman
Betheny Springman
Sierra Hills Market

“It’s what you need! Totally groovy! Would recommend and it’s safe and clean!”

Trisha Moore
Trisha Moore
Badass single mom, cancer-kicker, festival producer, accountant.

“I know it’s difficult to process what people with *actual* anxiety disorders (not “damn, I’m stressed today” disorder) are dealing with seemingly every minute of every day. Imagine things like this, amplified to include so many other things that people say to you over the years, dropping like a bomb on you at the smallest trigger, at any time, CONSTANTLY. CA Craft CBD tinctures are part of my daily routine as it helps me get through the day. My personal fav is vanilla lavender.”

Bonnie Miller
Bonnie Miller
Financial Advisor

“Wow what an amazing surprise!! The lavender CBD sanitizer is fantastic! I have it at home, in the car, and on my desk at work for ourselves and clients!  So much nicer than the awful stuff in the drug stores. And oh my! the CBD oil is sublime. I mean it.  Far superior  products.  My hubby was so tired and grumpy when he got home. And I said open your mouth ..squirt ! I just checked on him – he’s smiling! 😂

Colleen Blount
Retired Dental Hygienist
Real Estate Entrepreneur

“My name is Colleen. I have been using the CBD oil at night to help me sleep. I was surprised my arthritis in the morning was almost gone . I also have neuropathy of the feet and was also surprised that my feet’s were much better. As a result I will probably use this product for many years! Thank you for helping me sleep better and not hurt!!!”

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