Meet Our Ops Mastermind: Working in CBD & Where We Go From Here [Part 5]

Alas, here we are – the last of our five-part interview series with our resident CBD expert, Chase Allen. As our Operations Manager here at California Craft, Chase’s experience and knowledge in the formulation, extraction, and overall CBD space has been incredible to work with. As we close out our interview with Allen, we’re talking about how the CBD field has grown, what’s to come from California Craft, and more.  

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What’s your favorite part about working in the CBD field? 

It’s pretty rare that a new crop comes to market. Most of what we’ve been growing has been around for awhile. So the fat that we have a substance that hasn’t existed in the human economy for 100+ years – and to be on the ground floor of that development and evolution – is exciting. I like the roller coaster ride, and being part of a movement that’s pushing a plant medicine that’s capable of getting people off pharmaceuticals, sleep aids, ibuprofen etc. The best thing that I hear is when someone tells me that they took my product and it solves something that they’ve been struggling with for a long time. Nothing makes me feel better than that. 

Incredible. So since you’ve been in the game for awhile, you’ve seen these roller coasters of a new industry. At this moment, what don’t you like about the industry? What needs more attention, and what would you change about it? 

One big issue is transparency: companies being honest about where their supply comes from, how it’s processed, its ingredients, and its potency. 

Another is access. Many CBD products are expensive – and part of why our products are priced lower is because we want to give people access to the medicine. It’s so powerful, and there are many people out there who are making money-grab brand plays. It’s hard to wade through all of the noise and find the people that are doing it intentionally, with an eye for quality and fairness. 

There are a lot of weeds that need to be pulled in the next few years. Intelligent regulation needs to happen. And it’s important to get someone familiar with the industry into a regulatory position that can create rules that make sense. There’s a lot of issues with some fairly arbitrary legal lines drawn in the sand that don’t make much sense. I hope those can be changed in the near future.

Got ya! Ok, one last question. What exciting things are coming down the pipeline as far as product, formulation, or innovative ideas you’re working on?

As California Craft evolves, we’re planning to launch a new line that will infuse active botanicals into the tincture. You’ll get a compound effect from some of that deep knowledge that exists in herbal medicine, combined with the new kid on the block – hemp, or cannabis, however you want to look at it. 

On a personal note, I’m looking at infusing catnip into a cat tincture – and I’m just looking forward to potential cat videos. So just that’s just you know, we have to do it, just for the videos alone.


That’s all, folks – for now! We’ve got exciting news coming soon, as well as more interviews, guest blogs and great reads. Keep an eye out on our blog, website, and social media for fresh content, products, and more!