Meet Our Ops Mastermind: Why CBD Tincture? [Part 4]

Welcome back to our incredible journey into the world of CBD creation – we’re exploring the mind of our head formulator and extractor Chase Allen. Today, we’re talking about the potency and effects of CBD tincture, and why it’s more effective than other forms of CBD. 


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So why did you choose to focus on CBD tinctures and not other forms of CBD? What benefits do tinctures have over other potential end products?


Absolutely. CBD tincture is definitely a new phenomenon as far as its popularity. Nationwide, tinctures have always been popular within the homeopathic and herbal medicine realms. If you spoke with an herbalist and told them you were taking a hemp tincture before any of this happened, they’d assume that you’re taking an alcohol-based blend of hemp and alcohol. But what has come to be one of the most popular methods, if not the most popular method of taking a hemp cannabis product, is oil-based tincture.


This is because cannabinoids are oil soluble. If you tried to take concentrate and mix it with water, it would just separate like oil and water. So it’s an oil because that’s how cannabinoids dissolve. Tincture is so nice – and it’s my preferred delivery method – because you’re able to really hone in on the dose that works for you.


By formulating these products to be 50 mg per milliliter, you can move from product to product, bottle to bottle, week to week, without needing to figure out how much concentrate is in each product. We’ve taken that work out of the equation for you, so you can figure out how it affects your body – and everyone’s different. For example, I know how 15 mg of CBD affects me, and same with 50 mg. I’d take 15 mg in the morning and it’s a great kind of calming background foundation for your day. A heavier dose will make me really tired, so that’s the right-before-bed dose.


I’ll take a stronger dose myself, but everyone’s numbers for these situations are different. My mom recently started taking CBD and she found out that after one drop, she could feel it. That makes a difference. I also have friends who can take two droppers, and that’s what works for them. That’s the nice part about tinctures – you can measure and monitor how the medicine will affect you. And if you’re new to using it, it’s a great way to figure that out.


As far as the delivery mechanism: you’re taking a dropper of tincture underneath your tongue, which reaches the many small capillaries in your mouth. By holding the tincture there, it’s actually absorbing into your bloodstream immediately. When you swallow it, it’ll go to your digestive system – so the rest will process a bit slower. You’ll see an onset time of 20-40 minutes, and it’ll last a few hours. There are quicker methods for it to engage, but if you want it to onset quickly and last for awhile, taking it orally is your best bet. That’s why I choose to use one product: the tincture.



We’ve got one more piece coming your way with insights from Chase – stay tuned for our last spotlight next week! And in the meantime, grab a bottle of our full-spectrum CBD tincture for your summer adventures.