Covid vs CBD: A FoundersTale

Hey gang, Happy Friday!! This week we are going to mix it up a bit. In the place of our ongoing cannabis education series our CEO, Founder and fearless leader is going to share his story of Covid vs CBD. His name is John Miles, and this is his story.

Once upon a time…

My family and I all got COVID-19 in November of 2020.

Like most families, we had grown  tired of the confinement of quarantine. We were deeply bored with our daily routines  which seemed to be repeating on an endless loop. By the time  Thanksgiving rolled  around we were desperate for a change.

Our options however were limited as we were not into flying and we did not did not want to be around our family elders, the grandparents and such  and put them at risk. So armed only with the various internal COVID promises to ourselves such as “we will not go out, we will only see family, we deserve this, etc”…we loaded the car with the family, dogs, surfboards, and a whole lot of hubris, and headed south of the border to Baja, Mexico. The plan was to surf, see my wife’s brother, and break up our six months of pandemic monotony.   What could possibly go wrong???

Well, TACOs are what went wrong.  My family and I love them, and Ensenda has the BEST tacos that we have ever had.  The COVID promise was broken with a quick decision. We went out to a restaurant with people properly spaced apart, it was partially open-air, but please, we knew we were tempting fate.  Our week of surf and family fun came to an Icarian plunge when COVID hit us a few days later. So we piled back in the now viral loaded family car, and made the 16-hour drive back home. We spent the next few weeks recovering in quarantine at our home in the Sierra Foothills.

The Treatment

My wife led us through a strong course of holistic medicines, which helped a lot. The kids  only had super light symptoms and didn’t need sick care while we were recovering. This was a blessing on so many levels and we were grateful for it. I was the only one that added cannabis and CBD to my holistic regimen.  This was well before the press started publishing positive articles regarding CBD and COVID-19.

In the past I have had great results with CBD helping relieve body aches and pains caused by  common flu symptoms. So I added CBD to my host of daily supplements.  COVID also made me really depressed. It depleted my serotonin levels and I was incapable of keeping my mind on uplifting thoughts. I personally believe that optimism and laughter are my most powerful tools for battling viruses and the associated anxiety. Without those tools I felt hopeless and I reached for CBD and cannabis.  My recovery was much faster than my wife’s and I was able to get the kids back up to the slopes and take on the parental load so she could focus on her recovery.

The Cure 

The FDA forbids CBD companies from “making medical claims” as part of their regulatory requirements for the CBD industry. As a result I am not able to write more than anecdotal stories about my experience.  But I can tell you that CBD helped me tremendously. So much so that I now send our products to friends and family when they contract COVID.  The positive feedback that I have received as a result has been overwhelming.

Also, if you want to try out our products and money is getting in the way; send me a note and I am happy to mail you a coupon or a comp (shipping not included), so you can personally understand the value of CBD and how it can improve your state of being.  I would really appreciate the opportunity to share this wonderful product made with this amazing plant.  Much like the music industry, I got into this business to make people feel better.  Hit me up at!

Below I included links to articles that I would encourage you to read if you are interested.





So that’s my story, I wish everyone a most excellent weekend and we look forward to seeing you in the shop.