CBD: What Is It Good For? (Pain)

Last week we talked about the importance of sleep and how CBD can help, you can catch up here if you like. CBD is amazing in helping with sleep problems. Whether its falling asleep, staying asleep or restless sleep, CBD can help. Our Sleep tincture has been our most popular tincture in the last year and a half. This was fascinating to us and as a result we went back to the lab to see how we could improve and perfect our recipe. The results are phenomenal and we can’t wait to share the new Sleep tincture with you in the Spring. We will write more on this just before launch to explain the recipe and why we made it the way we did. For right now though we want to talk about some of the other concrete, real world problems CBD can help with.

The Rise of CBD

In the last 2 years of the Covid pandemic CBD has risen to prominence. Most people have at least heard of CBD. Popular polling puts the number of adults who have heard about CBD at 64%. We are going to guess that this number is higher (about 85%). 64 million adults have tried CBD at least once in the US. Of those 24% said they started using CBD regularly as a replacement for, or alongside other supplements and therapeutic treatments. We are going to hazard a guess that this number would be much higher if it weren’t for the insanely large amount of low quality, low efficacy CBD products out there.

What IS It good For?

This is all really great for all of us. Creators and users alike. But why are people taking CBD? The big three are, in order, pain relief, anxiety and insomnia. According to our numbers insomnia is at the top of the list. According to the polls it pain relief. This is the mantra that we here in all of the media regarding CBD. Its great for pain, anxiety and sleep. We have heard it so much in fact that the words are starting to lose meaning. Even with meaning and context the words themselves are very general and we are all about the details. Today we are all about Pain.

Pain Is Relative

Let’s start with pain. Pain is one of the big issues in public health. It is estimated that 20% of adults globally suffer from chronic pain. Other estimates put the number as high 35%. What ever the case the problem is real and it is costly in terms of human productivity. It is interesting to note here that the mechanism in the human body that causes the majority of pain is inflammation.

When the body gets injured the injured area gets swollen. This is inflammation. The swelling in turn tends to press on the nerves in that area of the body which creates a pain response. This inflammation is also responsible for the throbbing pain of an injury. This is why CBD, as a natural anti-inflammatory, is able to effectively treat pain.

What Kind Of Pain?

So what kind of pain is CBD especially effective on? Any pain that is caused by extreme swelling is a good place to start. Mainly because CBD is a natural anti-inflammatory. The types of pain associated directly with inflammation includes forms of arthritis such as rheumatoid and reactive arthritis, gout, and osteoarthritis. Not only does CBD work to reduce the inflammation but it actually goes to work on the immune system its self as part of regulating the bodies homeostatic system.

This part is really important. Chronic inflammation is usually caused by a body that has an overactive immune system. The system is sending out signals that the body is being threatened which triggers the mechanism that causes inflammation. Increased unnecessary inflammation causes pain. CBD helps with this by sending signals to the immune system that will help put it back in balance. Its really amazing.

This is also why CBD helps with after sports/workout/strenuous activity recovery. It helps the body realign its self after activities that the body can confuse with injury or over-exertion. The short of it is that CBD can help with pain and the inflammation that causes pain. The most effect uses are against the pain of arthritis and wear and tear on the human body from strenuous activity or just plain getting older.

The Other Uses

Next week we will talk about the other two of the big three, Anxiety and Sleep. It’s cool that they will be in the same blog because they are intimately connected. Anxiety is a major cause of sleeplessness and lack of sleep leads to increased levels of stress and anxiety. Its a vicious circle that feeds on its self. We will cover all of that next week.

On a closing note we would like to say that the Elders in our society are the ones least likely to have tried CBD, which is ironic since they are one of the social groups who have the most to gain from making CBD a part of their daily routine. The Elders often suffer from sleeplessness, pain from arthritis and the aches and pains that come from using the same body day in and day out for well over half a century. CBD also has neuroprotective qualities that have shown promise with Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s  disease.So feel free to pop by the shop and show your love, respect and appreciation for the Elders in your life by getting them some of our awesome CBD products. And have a most excellent weekend. Can anyone say Spring Skiing?