CBD: What Dose Is Right For Me?

After a lot of feedback from our customers, clients and followers we decided that this week we are going to discuss CBD and finding the right dose for you. We posted a blog about this a couple of years back here. But you know that was like 2 years ago and a lot has happened since then and we have all learned a lot about a lot of things along the way. Today we are going to share what we have learned.

Different Strokes For Different Folks

The first and probably most important thing to remember is that there is no ‘one size fits all’ remedy for the dosage. One of the things that we learned during our not so awesome roller-coaster ride with Covid is that there were some pretty massive differences in how everyone experienced the disease.

The differences were so extreme that it left much of the medical community baffled and bewildered as to why which is why the response to the disease was so lopsided and in some cases, extreme.

The reality is that the human body is an insanely complex organism. Each body is unique and as a result each body has its own very specific needs. A good example is that many of our favorite natural foods, not the synthetic junk food that many of crave on a regular basis but actual real food from nature and natural sources, are our favorite foods because they contain the elements that our specific bodies need on a regular basis.

This explains why women crave strange foods when they are pregnant. Their bodies need the nutritional elements these foods contain to replenish the the elements consumed by the baby as it gestates.

Another major influencing factor is your ECS. The ECS is responsible for how you body processes cannabinoids. And everyone does it differently.

The Big Three

So lets get down to the real practical knowledge. There are going to be a handful of natural and obvious differentiators. We like to refer to these as The Big Three and here they are.


The most basic and apparent of differences is our body mass. The more mass your body has the larger the dose that is required. This is not always the case 100% of the time but it stands at about 92-95% of all cases.


The second consideration is tolerance to cannabinoids. If you are new to the wonderful and mysterious world of cannabinoids your body will respond well to a smaller dose than someone who is an experienced cannabinoid user.


The third major consideration is the severity of your symptoms. This is true for any medicinal products or wellness supplements that you might take. IF your symptoms are mild

Real World Application

So what does that mean for us in the everyday real world? Well to start with there will be a period of trial and error when you first start taking CBD in finding the best baseline daily dose for you individually. Its also important to remember that if you are taking CBD as a first timer or returning to CBD after a long hiatus, it is always good to start with a loading dose.

A loading dose in pharmacokinetics (pharma-speak for how the body interacts with any given substance) is the dose that you take at the beginning of a course of treatment. The loading dose is a higher dose than what will be taken on a regular/daily basis. The loading dose is usually around 1.5 to 2x higher than the average dose. It ensures that the substance gets into your body to establish a base on which future lower doses will be built.

For first time users we do not recommend taking the loading dose until you see how CBD is going to interact with your body with a lower dose

General Doses

We will break the doses down into milligrams so whether you are taking tincture, drinking CBD infused liquids, or eating CBD infused edibles you know what to do.

For beginners we recommend between 10-25mg. With our tinctures that means about a quarter to a half of a dropper in our 30ml bottles and

To the more experienced users we recommend between 25-50mg per dose. This is a little over a half to a dropper in our 30ml bottles.

As we mentioned earlier, the amount that you take will be relative to the severity of your symptoms. Low level symptoms will be on the lower end of the range of mg/ml dose and more severe symptoms  will be on the higher end of the mg/ml dose.

In the cases of severe/chronic pain or extreme and persistent insomnia we recommend starting at the top of the dose spectrum between 25-50mg. This is also true for cases of chronic illness and strong anxiety.

In the case of extreme circumstances we suggest that the you might try multiple doses throughout the day. The amount should not exceed 150mg per day. It is also VERY important that if you have any preexisting conditions that require medication that you check with your doctor.

We will be talking more about CBD and its practical applications as well as reviewing its clinical interactions with other forms of treatment and medications. So give it whirl, if you need to stock up pop by the shop top up.

If you want to let us know about your personal experience with dosing, CBD in general and/or our products specifically feel free to hit us up at info@cacraftcbd.com and give us your feedback.