CBD vs COVID: Coming Out of the Fog

Hey gang, Happy Friday!! I am not sure how much faith any of us put in the  groundhog test but from where I am sitting its definitely looking like an early Spring.

Of course I am sitting in Central Europe and Spring here can be frustratingly elusive. Last year we pretty much skipped Spring altogether and jumped into whatever it was that passed for summer in June. But I have a good feeling about this year.

And we all deserve a little fun in the sun this Spring. For right now though it is still winter and we are stuck indoors, under quarantine. But Chris, you say, the mandates are being lifted. Read on.

Covid Comes A-calling

We have devoted our last two blogs to discussing the potential medical benefits of using CBD products. As we have stated and will continue to state, e make no medical claims and the information that we put forward are either a) from clinical studies involving CBD; b) anecdotal evidence from people that we know who have benefited from their CBD use.

So naturally because we have been writing about Covid, I now have Covid. This is technically the first time I have had Covid since the pandemic started those many moons ago. And when I say I, what I actually mean is we, as my whole family now has Covid.

I have to say, I am not a big fan of Covid. I mean we are lucky it could definitely be worse. And in the family I am the one who has the worst case of it, naturally. All in all its actually not that bad. But also, its not really all that great either.

It is What It Is, But What Is It?

I have a pretty good immune system. I still get sick but its never really that serious. I am actually surprised that I never got Covid before this. I was interacting with the public on a regular basis and was out and about even during the lock-downs due to work and the fact that I am the family cook.

There were times when I thought ‘This must be Covid, I feel terrible.’ I can now safely say that I don’t know what caused me to feel terrible in the past but I know it wasn’t Covid. Coz Covid sucks. I have been sick before but nothing like this.

Everyday is a new adventure in weird symptoms. One day its the headaches and the fatigue and the brain fog. The next day its a different kind of headache combined with nausea and no brain fog but the distinct feeling that something is not quite right with the world. Then a few days after that you feel great, like oh yeah, its over. And then the next day it starts all over again.

Frankenstein’s Virus

The truth of it is that it feels like a lot of different viruses in one. Which would go a long way towards explaining why no one seems to know a whole lot about the disease or how to treat it let alone stop it. There is one constant though, its this super weird underlying tension that really gets a solid grip on your body.

On the bad days it makes it extremely difficult to do anything that requires even a minimal amount of sustained focus. I like doing things that require sustained mental focus. Covid makes that extremely difficult.

Enter CBD

Today is not as bad as the last 5-6 days. The discomfort and underlying sense of dread have been greatly relieved. But why? Am I recovering? Is it finally over? Maybe, probably not though. I figure that I am at about the half-way point. So what changed?

In all honesty I woke up feeling terrible. I could not relax, my mind was aflood with the worst kind of negative thinking. I could not focus on anything except my negative thoughts for longer than 10-20 seconds at a time.
That’s when I decided to take a full 1ml dropper of our Vanilla Lavender CBD tincture.

I know and love CBD and have benefited greatly from having it in my life. But in all honesty this reaction was seriously next level. The change was significant and the effect was relatively immediate. Suddenly my body began to relax, like slowly easing into a warm bath. I could focus again, even read. Clearly I am able to write. The most significant effect however was in my mind. The negative thoughts evaporated like morning fog in the sun. Suddenly things did not seem so hopeless or negative. I could actually see clearly again after spending several days in a haze.

Hard Won Conclusions

So how do I know it was the CBD? Well I definitely know it was not NOT the CBD. Its 4pm here in Prague and about half-way through writing the blog I felt the tension and the lack of focus returning. I was like crap, here we go again. I tried to finish the blog as quickly as possible with no success.

So I went and took another dropper of Vanilla Lavender CBD tincture and here we are. Wrapping up another blog to send you all into the weekend with.

Do I believe the CBD made a difference? I most definitely do. Would I recommend it to people suffering from Covid? Again, most definitely. Do I claim that CBD will work for everyone versus Covid? Absolutely not. Each person has their own specific and insanely complex biochemical make-up. Each body will process cannabinoids differently. What works for one person may not work for everyone. I will say that I think its worth giving it a try. So much so that if there is a financial barrier preventing you from trying our products  please reach out our fearless leader and CEO, John Miles at john@cacraftcbd.com and he can help you out with a promo code. Otherwise pop by the shop and check it out for yourselves. And with that I am out. Have a great weekend and see you next week.