Meet Our Ops Mastermind: Working in CBD & Where We Go From Here [Part 5]

By cacraft | September 4, 2020

Alas, here we are – the last of our five-part interview series with our resident CBD expert, Chase Allen. As our Operations Manager here at California Craft, Chase’s experience and knowledge in the formulation, extraction, and overall CBD space has been incredible to work with. As we close out our interview with Allen, we’re talking about…

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Meet Our Ops Mastermind: Why CBD Tincture? [Part 4]

By cacraft | August 28, 2020

  Welcome back to our incredible journey into the world of CBD creation – we’re exploring the mind of our head formulator and extractor Chase Allen. Today, we’re talking about the potency and effects of CBD tincture, and why it’s more effective than other forms of CBD.    Curious to read more insights from Chase?…

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Meet Our Ops Mastermind: Exploring CBD Oil vs. Isolates [Part 3]

By cacraft | August 21, 2020

  Next up in our conversation with our extractionist and formulator extraordinaire, Chase Allen, we’re diving into the nitty-gritty of the world of CBD oil and isolates. What’s the difference between full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate? How do you choose between the three?    All that and more – read on below. And if you’re catching up,…

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Meet Our Ops Mastermind: How We Create Our Tincture [Part 2]

By cacraft | August 15, 2020

  Today, we’re diving into the second part of our conversation with California Craft’s Operational Manager, head extractionist and lead formulator: Chase Allen. This edition focuses on the nitty gritty of what we do best: creating our signature, full-spectrum CBD oils.   You can read Part 1 of this series here.   ––   Chase,…

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Meet Our Ops Mastermind: Chase Allen Shares His CBD Journey [Part 1]

By cacraft | August 7, 2020

  We’re excited to kick off a new blog series that features the Operational Manager and lead extractor + formulator here at California Craft, Chase Allen. Over the course of five articles, we’re exploring Chase’s backstory, his expertise in creating CBD tincture, exploring the difference between full-spectrum CBD and isolates, and much more.   Today,…

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What Makes California Craft Stand Out?

By chris | July 31, 2020

Happy Friday! It’s been a while and we hope that you are all doing well and enjoying the summer. Recent times have been exceptionally challenging, and we have been reminded that we are all different – and it is those differences that make us stronger as a whole. As a whole, we are making progress and…

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Man in Boat

California Craft CBD: Our Founding Story

By john | July 24, 2020

Written by John Miles, CEO California Craft CBD What made you decide to start CA Craft CBD? As an entrepreneur, I am always attracted to new industries that require a more pioneering approach. I like jumping into an industry while the playbook is still being written and taking control of history, rather than sitting back…

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Hemp and Sustainable Development

By chris | July 17, 2020

One of the most interesting things about nature is that it provides us with all of the necessary tools to live  a sustainable, healthy, and eco-friendly lifestyle. It is simply up to us to understand those tools that are offered, and how they can be used. In many cases, they have multiple uses and can…

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Understanding Hemp (part II): Beyond CBD 

By chris | July 10, 2020

Much of the recent conversations surrounding hemp have mainly focused on the growing popularity of CBD. According to The Hemp Business Journal, 41% of CBD users surveyed stated that they bought CBD for the first time within the last 6 months. CBD tinctures remain the top choice in terms of products, and more user groups…

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Understanding Hemp (part I)

By chris | July 6, 2020

  We mentioned last week how  CBD has become a larger topic of  public conversation over the last few years. It has recently been reported by the Hemp Business Journal that 86% of the consumer population in the US has heard of CBD, and at least 60% of Americans believe that CBD has valid medical…

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Is CBD Right for Me?

By chris | June 26, 2020

In the past few years there have been many conversations around CBD, as well as its uses, value, benefits, and its place in the open consumer market. It has been called everything from “snake oil” to a “miracle cure.” Claims range from saying it’s great for treating stress to a powerful cure for cancer and…

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CBD, Technology and the Quest for Quality

By chris | June 19, 2020

Happy Friday!! Summer is here and we are all so grateful for everything that we have. We are grateful for this wonderful planet that we have the honor of calling our home. We are grateful that we live in a country that allows us to openly address social inequality and injustice without fear of repression.…

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How CBD Can Help with Depression and Anxiety

By chris | June 12, 2020

2020 has been a challenging year to say the least. Even the calmest people that we know are feeling the stress of the times. It’s important when faced with such trials and tribulations that we are able to maintain our focus, our balance, and our ability to keep moving forward in a reasonable and productive…

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Endocannabinoid System and Your Body

The Endocannabinoid System

By chris | May 29, 2020

Well, we’ve arrived back at another Friday – and we’re feeling revitalized after that long weekend! We were all definitely feeling the call of summer – those long, sunny days and warm summer nights that will rejuvenate and re-energize us all in the months to come. From the mountains to the oceans, we’re getting ready for that…

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Cannabinoids and the ECS

By chris | May 22, 2020

Cannabinoids and the ECS    Hello again, and welcome to Friday! We hope that this week has been better for you than the last. It feels like we’re finally starting to move forward again as normalcy slowly returns to our day-to-day lives. And although we must remain vigilant and behave in a socially responsible manner,…

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