CBD and the Immune System

By chris | March 6, 2021

    Hi everybody!! Today we are going to talk about something that is on everyone’s mind pretty much 24/7 these days, our immune system. We have been collectively involved in a global pandemic for the last 12 months. The illness itself is very similar to the flu and people are having a difficult time…

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Welcome To The New Era

By chris | February 26, 2021

    Happy Friday!! So here we are at the end of another week. We have officially passed the one-year mark for our shared Covid experience/nightmare. It’s been snowing and freezing in places where it shouldn’t be snowing, ever. And 2021 is currently in “hold my beer” mode as it competes with 2020 for the…

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CBD and Arthritis

By chris | February 12, 2021

      In this week’s blog we are going to take a break from our regulatory series on Cannabis to discuss a prevalent health problem that most definitely has an adverse effect on the sufferer’s quality of life. Arthritis. According to the CDC 23% of all adults in the US, or 54 million people,…

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Cannabis and the Language of Regulation: Prop 65 (part IV)

By chris | February 5, 2021

    Hey everybody, its February!! I think we can accept that January was the basically the 13th month of 2020 and move on with our lives. And speaking of moving on, we are ready to conclude our series on Proposition 65 which you can catch up on here, here and here.   It’s been…

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Cannabis and the Language of Regulation: Prop 65 (part III)

By chris | January 29, 2021

      Despite the fact that the New Year got off to a choppy start it already feels like the boat is beginning to right itself. We hope that you all made it through January in good health and are ready to take on the rest of 2021.     Back to Prop 65…

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Cannabis and the Language of Regulation: Prop 65 (part II)

By chris | January 22, 2021

  Happy Friday!! The new year so far has been so packed full of weirdness that it already feels old. So, let’s get to it. Last week we began our series on regulatory practices in the Cannabis industry, you can catch up here.       The Overview   Last Friday we talked about California…

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Cannabis and the Language of Regulation: Prop 65

By chris | January 15, 2021

      So here we are, 2 weeks into the new year and its already full on in our faces. But like FULL ON. This week we are just going to jump right into our topic and hope that you are all healthy, safe and staying sane in the midst of all of the…

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By chris | January 8, 2021

    We made it!!! I don’t know about you but 2020 was the kind of year that makes you wonder what the hell is really going on around here anyway. I am sure that someday we will look back and be grateful for the lessons that we learned and be thankful for the opportunity…

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Happy Holidays!!

By chris | December 24, 2020

    Hi everyone!! It’s hard to believe that we have finally made it to Christmas. This year has been intense to say the least. It feels like 4 years rolled into one. The ups and the downs and the sheer relentlessness of the year’s events have left us all pretty frazzled and exhausted.  …

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How To Find Quality CBD

By chris | December 18, 2020

    Happy Friday! We know everyone is busy getting ready for the holidays, so we’ll keep this one short and sweet. Last week we talked about the reasons why your CBD might not be working – you can catch up here. Next up, let’s dive into the importance of using quality CBD.   The Big…

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Why Is My CBD Not Working? 

By chris | December 11, 2020

    Last week, we talked about how you can tell whether or not your CBD is working (and if you missed it, you can give it a read here). This week, we’re talking about  why your CBD products may not be working. This will help you choose the best products to fit your specific…

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How will I Know if my CBD Product is Working?

By chris | December 4, 2020

  Before we jump into this week’s blog, we want to take a moment to say that although a bit unorthodox this year, Thanksgiving was still pretty fantastic. We hope yours was, too! Whether you were with your immediate family, your quarantine pod, or beaming in via a Zoom or Skype-cast, we hope that you…

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Giving Thanks, with the Help of CBD

By chris | November 20, 2020

  Next week, many of us will be celebrating Thanksgiving. It’s a complex and potentially complicated holiday for many reasons, especially when there are menus to organize, meals to cook, and people to accommodate. It’s traditionally a holiday of family, food, and fun – but let’s be honest: it’s also a giant stress fest.  …

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The Sleep Conundrum – And How CBD Can Help

By chris | November 6, 2020

Sleep: it’s the unsung hero of all of our lives. A good night’s sleep can make your day or week. A not-so-good  night’s sleep can lead to a rough day riddled with bad choices. When it comes down to it, sleeping well is a vital part of maintaining your wellness, happiness, and overall sanity. It…

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Why – and How – Should I Use Topical CBD?

By chris | October 30, 2020

  Here we are at the end of another unique week in the truly unbelievable times that we are living in. Next week may very well prove to be one of the most important moments in the modern history of the United States of America. So, get out there and vote and let your voice…

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