CBD: What Is It Good For? (Sleep and Anxiety)

Another Friday is here and all we can say is, FINALLY. As the days get longer and warmer they also seem to get busier. It seems like the world is finally waking up from the lethargy of Covid and everyone is starting to get  there groove back in terms of organization, communication and a general […]

CBD: What Is It Good For? (Pain)

Last week we talked about the importance of sleep and how CBD can help, you can catch up here if you like. CBD is amazing in helping with sleep problems. Whether its falling asleep, staying asleep or restless sleep, CBD can help. Our Sleep tincture has been our most popular tincture in the last year […]

The Sleep Conundrum

Happy Friday!! Its been a relatively calm week this week, all things considered, and that’s good news. The world has been a pretty wild and crazy place over the last few years. Stress and anxiety are pretty much constant companions these days and we are very grateful for the existence of cannabinoids. They offer us […]

CBD: What Dose Is Right For Me?

After a lot of feedback from our customers, clients and followers we decided that this week we are going to discuss CBD and finding the right dose for you. We posted a blog about this a couple of years back here. But you know that was like 2 years ago and a lot has happened […]

Tales From Europe: Freedom, or Something Like It

Greetings and Happy Friday!! And what a Friday it is. I know there is snow in the mountains but the weather in most of the country (sorry North Dakota and Michigan, not you guys) is fair enough for any other outdoor activities that might strike your fancy. Mountain biking, hiking, climbing and of course one […]

Secrets of Cannabis: Part III (The Bliss Molecule)

After our personal stories about CBD and Covid we return to our regularly scheduled programming. We continue our series of the Secrets of Cannabis this week to talk about the Bliss Molecule. It sounds a bit over the top but we did not come up with that name. Science did. The Magic is Real Just […]

CBD vs COVID: Coming Out of the Fog

Hey gang, Happy Friday!! I am not sure how much faith any of us put in the  groundhog test but from where I am sitting its definitely looking like an early Spring. Of course I am sitting in Central Europe and Spring here can be frustratingly elusive. Last year we pretty much skipped Spring altogether […]

CBD vs Covid: Lets Get Clincal

Last weeks blog/story from our CEO John Miles inspired me to do more research into cannabinoids and Covid. Normally we would shy away from this type of thing. There is more than enough misinformation out there about Covid, the causes and the treatment. We do not want to add to the confusion. The information that […]

Covid vs CBD: A FoundersTale

Hey gang, Happy Friday!! This week we are going to mix it up a bit. In the place of our ongoing cannabis education series our CEO, Founder and fearless leader is going to share his story of Covid vs CBD. His name is John Miles, and this is his story. Once upon a time… My […]

Secrets of Cannabis: Part II (The Entourage Effect)

Its official, the new year has begun. Even the most diehard holiday season lovers have reluctantly let it go. The last of the Christmas trees have made to the curb and everyone is ready to face the year face on and ready to rumble. Will this year be different from the last two years? Yes […]