The Formula For Quality

Its Fridayyyy!! Let’s go!! Today’s blog is about quality. When it comes to CBD products and how well they work with your body, it’s all about the quality. Quality is not simply a word that we use to describe something like ‘oh that’s really high quality, or that is some off-brand low-quality bulls**t. Quality is […]

Cannabis And Science

Hi there!! Its blog time so that means it must be Friday!! Yay!!! I don’t know about you but this week has been looong. A lot of action more than a little stress and everyday has brought new revelations and opportunities for the future. Now as we slowly slide into the weekend I realize that […]

The Hallmarks of Quality CBD

Greetings!! We hope everyone had an awesome and productive week. The summer is nearly here and this one is going to be a big one, we can feel it. Cali Craft went to its first festival of the season last weekend and that was something else. Good turn out and our full spectrum CBD gummies […]

CBD: Quality Counts

  Happy Friday!! Its May, its Friday, and all is right with the world. For us here at Cali Craft today marks the beginning of FESTIVAL SEASON!! WOOHOO!!! We have literally been waiting for this moment for the last 2 years. When we first launched in 2020 a large part of our marketing plan relied […]

CBD: What Is It Good For? (Addiction)

Happy Friday!! And what a glorious Friday it is. We are all looking forward to the first really great weekend back up on the rocks/mountains. The weather forecast is stellar. The general overall vibe is starting to lighten up and this summer is shaping up to be a summer of legendary proportions. We have all […]

Legalization: Problems Solved

  Last blog we wrote about the impending legalization of cannabis for recreational use and the potential obstacles. In the last week we have confirmed that the German recreational cannabis market will be up and running by December. The Czech Republic has stated just this week that cannabis is an integral part of their future […]

Legalization: Lighting The Path Forward

We love talking about CBD and cannabis, duh, its our business. But more than that we have long recognized the value of the plant on many levels. We have a deep respect for its 3000+ year history among the human species. More importantly we know that the plant can play a major role in our […]

Happy Easter!!

Last week we talked about Hemp/Cannabis and the rites of Spring of the ancients. This week is Easter Weekend. Today is Good Friday. I mean, lets face it, all Fridays are good. But this one is extra. This is the Friday that leads us to Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday with the giant rabbit that likes […]

Spring is Springing

Spring is here and it is a season of new beginnings and old endings. We are leaving behind the darkness and doubt of winter to embrace the light, hope and optimism of the coming year. Next weekend we will be celebrating Easter which is our modern version of the ancient rites of Spring. We will […]

Taking a Break

  We have all been going like gang busters since the beginning of the year to get our new USDA certified organic product line ready, prepping the new labels and a new look for the website. And getting the recipe just right on our new line of gummies for the fast approaching festival season. We […]