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Jacob Swergold
Jacob Swergold
Jacob Swergold Big Wave Surfer
I grew up in Mill Valley California, located just north of San Francisco. When I was growing up there were only a few kids who were dedicated surfers in Marin County and San Francisco.

Most of the people in the line ups I surfed were much older than me. I looked up to groups of various hardcore underground chargers/rippers. They had jobs, families, responsibilities, etc, but when the waves were on they were out there. They surfed well, charged hard, and were quick to let anyone know if they were out of line.

I spent countless hours pushing myself at Ocean Beach as a teenager. The waves of Northern California and the guys who surf them definitely shaped my approach to surfing. I am currently living on the Central Coast of California where I'm studying Experience Industry Management at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. During the winter I enjoy traveling up and down the coast of Northern and Central California in search of good uncrowded waves.
Joseph Duerr
Joseph Duerr
Joseph Duerr Water and Storytelling
I grew up in Los Angeles, California, specifically Venice Beach. I started surfing when I was ten, and always had a passion to be around the water. Where I grew up there weren’t many surfers, and the local community was barely surfing oriented. The business and diversity of the city took away from surfing as a practice, something I wanted to get better at and pursue. There were local contests and few surfers, but in reality, the waves never got that good. It forced me to travel outside my home to chase waves. In my high school there was only one other kid I surfed with and it wasn’t until I moved to Santa Cruz for college that I saw my surfing go to the next level. I found myself for my first time out at Mavericks when I was 18 and since have always been chasing bigger and better surf.

After finishing college, I moved to Hawaii unexpectedly and became a lifeguard with Honolulu Ocean Safety. Living here has also helped me improve with my abilities in the water, the friends I’ve made and the people I work with use the coastline to their advantage, surfing, diving, sailing, bodysurfing, foiling, they use the ocean in ways I would’ve never experienced back home. After surfing so much and spending so much time with communities who love the water, my attention will be more focussed on the stories of others.

In the coming years, I want to use my knowledge to help shed light on people that are inspiring, especially surfers. I never plan on leaving the water and want to use my skills to spread Aloha and the stories of those unknown. You can read some of my stories and some videos I’ve made in the website link attached to my profile.
Steve Rice
Steve Rice Big Wave Surfer
I’m not as serious as I look, but I am serious about what I put in my body and that’s Califonia Craft CBD! When we push the limits Mother Nature pushes back and keeps us in check. Even if we come out unscathed from the gladiator’s pit recovery is essential. I always start and finish my day with the CBG Tincture and soothe fatigued muscles on the go with the Sunset Salve. The perfect partnership!
Colin Dwyer
Colin Dwyer
Colin Dwyer Emergency Department Technician, Professional Surfer
I was born and raised in the chilly waters of Northern California. Everyone in my family surfs and my parents put me on a board in the ocean before i could even walk, there are pictures to prove it. In fact, one of my parents least favorite stories is the time my mom nearly drowned surfing Hanalei Bay while pregnant with me, we joke that i was getting caught inside before i was even born.

I started surfing competitively around the age of 12, and first surfed Mavericks when i was 15, secured an invite to be an alternate at 17 and competed for the first time at 22 in 2013 when i took Kelly Slater's spot in the event after he pulled out last second. I graduated from San Francisco State with a degree in Psychology and i work full time in an Emergency Department as an EMT. Surfing has been my lifelong passion and i'm always looking for an edge, CA Craft CBD is the secret sauce that gives me that edge to perform my best.

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